They call it "Dadcore", though they are slightly older family men, these Calgary guys haven't lost their sneer, swagger, and aggression as they blaze through their mix of classic 70s English punk and early 80s American hardcore.The Foul English's strong songwriting tells the tales of four Dads who refuse to let age or fatherhood slow them down, in a way that all "Rippers", young and old, can relate. Just like how the Minutemen used to end their shows early in the evening so that their blue-collar audience could get to work the next day, The Foul English have real shit to deal with, which is the whole reason we have punk rock in the first place.


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The Foul English - S/T

12" LP: Clear
  • Hand numbered second pressing debut record on One Flase Move Records


    Comes with Digital Download


    Side A: 

    1: Switchblade Tattoo

    2: Save Our City

    3: Left Behind

    4: Hold Fast

    5: Used To Be A Ripper

    6: Small Victory

    7: Number 1 Bus


    Side B:

    8: Dadcore

    9: New Brothers

    10: Where I Come From

    11: Little Did I Know

    12: Sonic Reducer (Dead Boys Cover)

    13: Beer 2 Go

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