It's never been easy to put on live shows in Victoria BC. But Chuck & Esther have been making it happen now, consistently, since 2012. Ferry costs aren't cheap and hotels in the summer are ridiculous! Regardless of the hassles and the risk, the husband and wife team have put on over 50 live shows now in Victoria and Vancouver, working with well-known touring acts like The Real McKenzies, DOA, and the Dreadnoughts, as well as countless local BC and Island bands. If you are a punk band looking to play the lower mainland or Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada, get in touch with 737 Productions! 


It's the return of the legendary Oi! band Alternate Action, November 2 @ SBC  


Check out our rad poster gallery featuring gig flyers from the last 5 years of live shows in Victoria and Vancouver

Check out our rad photo gallery featuring pictures from the last 5 years of live shows in Victoria and Vancouver

So you need a show on the Island? Awesome! We promote live shows 12 months a year in Victoria BC and around the province. Just drop us an email with all your details. Bandcamp, Itunes, website, facebook page etc. and we'll do our best to book your band. Punk Rock, Oi, Street Punk, Rock 'n' Roll, preferred but hey, we're into just about anything! 


Check out Alternate Action in the studio getting ready for their return this week

Coming up on Saturday November 3, it's the return of Bay Area Boot Boys Suede Razors


Holy crap, we're so busy right now. We're seeing shows and putting on shows like crazy. Just went down to SF for Chuck's birthday and had an amazing time! Of course, we went to a couple cool shows and saw some ripping bands. Speaking of ripping bands, we have some awesome shows coming up. This month we will be announcing the return Vancouver rock and rollers, THE GUNG-HO's on May 4th at Logan's Pub. Former El Caminos, High Test & Excessives, these cats were on fire from 2005 to 2009 then just stopped playing shows. Well, they're back in action after almost a decade. Straight up booze and black denim, fire-breathing rock'n'roll reminiscent of Zeke, New Bomb Turks, and The Hellacopters. Check the show listings below for more information and make sure to check out our EVENTS CALENDAR for all 737 & RPH events and important dates. 


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